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Choosing the right strain of marijuana can be confusing at first with so many different and occasionally unusual names. Even if you have gone to the best medical dispensary in Denver, a lack of strain knowledge can hold you back from finding the strains that work best for you. The dispensary shop employees can only do so much to educate you, you have to take the initiative to be able to identify strains based on how they look, smell, tastes, and make you feel after smoking. This type of connoisseur knowledge will help you in the long run.

It’s important to understand that the strain names are not always representative of the desired medicinal effects. Knowing this, it is much easier to determine what your desired effects are before you decide which strain to use. It’s easier to remember and understand the effects of strains by splitting them into two categories: HEAD and BODY.

Within minutes after medicating, most cannabis strains effects brain within minutes after medicating. When describing the “head high”, the effect on the brain either feels like a heavy and foggy feeling, or a clear and active feeling and can be classified on a scale of 1-7. Number being heavy and foggy, and 7 being the clearest and most active. Head effects usually begin before the body effects kick in, however since they come on sooner, they tend to wear off quicker.

The BODY HIGH usually kicks in about 5 to 15 minutes after the “head high”. This physical effect can vary from a feeling of relaxation and sleepiness, to feeling uplifted and having more energy.  We can also apply the 1-7 scale to the “body effects”, with 1 being the most relaxing and 7 being the most uplifting.

To simplify things here are 7 categories of the most common kinds of medicinal relief provided by marijuana: 1 being the heaviest Indica and 7 being the clearest Sativa. Depending on which desired effect you wish to achieve, you can use the scale to find out which type of medicine you’re looking for and suggested strains of that kind.

Type 1: The Long lasting physical relief with a heavy and intense head effect. This kind of medicine is referred to as a Heavy Indica, and is recommended for relaxation, sleep, and pain related issues. The following are examples of strains that have Heavy Indica qualities: MK Ultra, Grand Daddy Purple, Peak 19, Romulan, Ogre, Hash Plant and Afghani Goo.


Grand Daddy Purple

Type 2: Long lasting physical relief with a clear and easy to function head effect. This kind of medicine is known as Clear Indica, which is recommended for day time physical relief. Some examples of clear indica’s include: Sensi Star, Blackberry Kush, Northern Lights, Morning Star, Bubba Kush, Snow Cap and Shiva. Consulting people who work at Denver marijuana dispensaries will help you identify strains with clear indica attributes more accurately.


Bubba Kush

Type 3: A physical and mental balance that is more on the heavy side. This kind of medicine is known as a Heavy Hybrid, and is recommended for patients seeking pain relief or relaxation that won’t get them too drowsy.  Here are some examples of some strains with Heavy Hybrid attributes:  Sage and Sour, Blueberry, White Rhino, Grape Ape, Champagne, Purple Kush and Cotton Candy. The Marijuana Dispensaries Denver Collective is a good resources for getting to know heavy hybrid strains


White Rhino

Type 4: An even balance of Head and Body effects. This kind of medicine is known as a Even Hybrid, and is recommended for patients who don’t want to be too active or too drowsy. Below are some examples of strains with Even Hybrid qualities: S.A.G.E., Northern Lights X Haze, Purple Skunk, Cali-O, Bubblegum, Silver Haze and Cherry Pie.


Silver Haze

Type 5: An even balance of head and body effect which is more on the clear side. This kind of medicine is known as a Clear Hybrid, and is recommended for patients looking for a balance of Head and Body that is a little bit more on the clear side. Examples of strains with Clear Hybrid attributes include: Blue Dream, Cali-O, Odyssey, Bubbleberry, Super Silver Haze, AK-47 and White Widow. There are plenty of marijuana dispensaries in Denver Colorado that can supply these strains.


Bubble Berry

Type 6: An uplifting body effect alongside some strong physical and mental relief. This kind of medicine is known as Heavy Sativa, and is recommended for patients looking for an Intense and uplifting Body with a Heavy head effect. Here are some examples of strains that have Heavy Sativa attributes: OG Kush, Cheese, Trainwreck, Sour Diesel, Headband, Jack Frost and Skunk #1.

1/25/13. Photo by Daniel Berman/

Sour Diesel

Type 7: An uplifting and clear effect without a physical side to it. This type of medicine is known as Clear Sativa and is recommended for patients who are looking for a Clear Head with little or no Physical effects that is easy to function on. Here are some examples of strains that have Clear Sativa attributes: Kali Mist, Strawberry Kush, Old Mother Sativa, Durban Poison, Jack Herer, Purple God and Power Plant.


Straw Berry Kush

An important factor to consider in choosing the right cannabis for yourself is that each strain has a limit to the amount and type of cannabiniods that can be received by your body at a certain time. This is why you can build a tolerance faster to certain strains while others seem to effect you the same way for longer periods of time. By choosing to use different strains, about 3 to 4 that you can rely on, it is easier to keep your body’s cannabiniod receptors fresh and ready to be activated by the next type of medicine you are using. This will help you conserve your cannabis and get the maximum effect from it.  Having a few strains to medicate with can also help to reach the desired cannabiniod balance you are looking for.  It is also worth mentioning that accurately estimating cannabis effects must be treated with some subjectivity. Each patient has an individual reaction to each type of medicine tried, and experimentation with different types of strains is essential for the new patient.

We are learning so much more about this wonderful plant all the time. We now know other aspects of cannabis such as the flavor (terpenes and flaviniods) also contributes to the effect. Remember, “the nose knows” – So trust your instincts and keep a personal cannabis journal to note how certain strains affected you.  In very little time, you’ll be a pro at finding the strains that suit.

You can always speak with a marijuana dispensary Denver location to get a better idea of what strains will fit you.

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